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Reviews for "Pandemic"

Hey guys look, it's plague inc for the computer!

Its one of the best Plague Inc. copies I've played.

Rather straight forward really, but that, along with being turn based and a few other things, is why i prefer this one over the second. Although, maybe its TOO straight forward (Ngugu sums it up)...

About the review under mine: flashing is all you see most of the time. You can, however, mouse over each continent (sections of Europe included) to see that more people get infected each day, so its not like the game's not working.

im pushing the go button and the only thing that happens is i lose a day the screen blinks and thats it

West Europe is actually pretty easy to infect every time if you play your cards right.
1. Wait it out a few days or weeks, then start buying transmissions and selling symptoms
2. Make sure you buy "body fluids" under Transmissions before you sell all your symptoms. This way you will have 0 lethality, 0 visibility but 1 infectivity.
3. Keep riding it out and check infecteds in all regions while also keeping track of points
4. As your points go up, fill the transmissions, it should quickly infect everyone (And that includes West Europe)
5. KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL MUAHAHAHAHAAHAH. Once you get lethal, you may see some 200,000+ dead in a day

I tried this 3 times, was successful every time. Oh man, imagine being literally one of the last two or three people alive on Earth...