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Reviews for "[KK] Super Collab 5"

Okay that was fucking awesome.

That scene with Tom jumping to the front of the line was one of the greatest things I've seen on Newgrounds. Everything else was great too but I just lost myself at that scene.

I am so gonna join the next part of this.

kenny responds:

You can join, the next super collab will soon be posted in the collab section... watch for it.

Not worthy

No effense butNOT YOU OR ANYONE IS WORTHY TO USE THE KENSHIN THEME.YOU WILL BE SLAIN BY THE ALL KNOWING KENSHIN.HE WILL MURDER YOU ALL. Other then that the flash was kool. i didnt vote to blam. i gave you a 5.

kenny responds:

K, I won't use it anymore. I wasn't going to anyways... DON'T KILL ME KENSHIN, I DIDN'T DO THE PART, KIT DID.

Long live the KK!

Loved it :3 The guy with four parts had some great ones, and the others were good too.

But, sometimes music would overlap and make screechy sounds. It's probably intentional, but it's fucking annoying!

Also, please stop with the screamers! It's just cruel!

kenny responds:

I'm dat guy with 4 flashes! And yes I noticed the sound was fucked up and that was not intentional, it won't happen again. And yeah, I agree, no more screamers.


i cant say im statisfied with this though i can see that you actually
put more time into it then in your previous Judge Judy crap:).
so, now ad a storyline and some more animations and perhaps one
day you actually make something decent:)

keep improving! ^^


The Kitty Krew owns!I wish I was part of it...