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Reviews for "[KK] Super Collab 5"

Long live the KK!

Loved it :3 The guy with four parts had some great ones, and the others were good too.

But, sometimes music would overlap and make screechy sounds. It's probably intentional, but it's fucking annoying!

Also, please stop with the screamers! It's just cruel!

kenny responds:

I'm dat guy with 4 flashes! And yes I noticed the sound was fucked up and that was not intentional, it won't happen again. And yeah, I agree, no more screamers.

I cant believe I just gave you guys a five..

I think I might be starting to warm up to the KK....god only knows why.....You got my five cause of the awesome metal music, the six flags guys(very funny for somthin so simple)...and what appeared to be Andrew W.K. headbanging at the front of the PS3 line(am I right?)...

kenny responds:

Don't know who it was, I got that picture from an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode.

the only funny part was the pokemon thing...

...and that's it.

Not worthy

No effense butNOT YOU OR ANYONE IS WORTHY TO USE THE KENSHIN THEME.YOU WILL BE SLAIN BY THE ALL KNOWING KENSHIN.HE WILL MURDER YOU ALL. Other then that the flash was kool. i didnt vote to blam. i gave you a 5.

kenny responds:

K, I won't use it anymore. I wasn't going to anyways... DON'T KILL ME KENSHIN, I DIDN'T DO THE PART, KIT DID.

Good job [KK]!

Finally....you guys make a collab thats very funny. Glad to say I did not vote to blam this.