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Reviews for "Naruto Party VI"

i like how you did the skits with naruto

I liked the skits they were original and funny exept the fact there from movies but thats cool. I like how the move around while there talking


The flash was good but could of used some more compression for the length it was should of been a shorter download. We usually see flash that goes into the 6 mb range go at least 5 minutes long. Just a little tip to help get more bandwidth impaired fans to check out your flash.

pretty good

that was pretty good, it was funny, and a nice length, the artwork coul of been improved slightly but i was impressed with how smooth it was, but try not to use unecasary movements like when the guy was picking his noes (LOL ) the other guy didnt need to do the arm movement twice, but other then that well done and keep improving


Really good job, the sound quality was the best..random comedy...one of the best. the final music creeped me out...eh..


its so cute, i love it.