Reviews for "Bring a Condom on a Date?"

pretty dam good

man that was funny, i thought it wasn't gonna be funny at first, so i nearly just closed it, but it was pretty fuckin funny at the end.its like chicks mind are just fuckin weird. u can never predict whats gonna happen, and u used that, and thats just fuckin beutiful. and he diddnt even want to bring it in the first place and that makes it even better.
keep up the good work man.

"What kind of girl has sex on the first date?"

The best kind, that's who!

Good dialogue with some original thought provoking and amusing comments. I particularly like the reasoning that you may as well have sex with a woman on the first date (should the opportunity arise) as if she does have an STD then she'll still have it on the 10th date, so why wait?!


If only this had been posted years ago, i would not have been such a failure. LOL!!!!!!!!!! What a great movie!!!!!!!!

Pure hillarious genius

So true,
yet so funny keep it up,
both thumbs up
wel done mte

Very Nice.

Very nicely animated, and great voice acting.
It was clever, although not that funny.
still very good.
Thumbs up.