Reviews for "Bring a Condom on a Date?"


Very nice voice acting
Humor and plot suckt.

Ripped right out of the pages of a man's life.

Sometimes, this can be oh so very true. Great job relating that to real life.. sorta. Take out the cautious part in the beginning, and you got yourself a true life story. =P

Very very good work.

Perfect and true.

Thats just how it is folks. Great job on the flash man, looking forward to see ya do more of these :-D.

And to the idiot guys out there, theres more to life then getting laid :-P, besides you dont want a girl thats gonna drop trout on the first date anywho lol.(Happily in a relationship 2 years and counting)

Thats Brilliant!

Funny, and a great flash

So funny

Dam fuckin funny, youll never wat will happen this soooo fuckin funny