Reviews for "Bring a Condom on a Date?"


Very amusing. It was short and to the point, but with some storyline to it. The animations looked great, and the lip syncing looked professional. This could easily be a T.V short without editing. Keep up the good work, and in the meantime, I'm off to watch the rest of your flashes.

Funny you mentioned it...

I actually had a similar conversation with some girl I work with. She didn't think it was the girls responsibility to supply the condom... But I gave her the exact senario you just had in your vid. So when I watched this, I found it very funny and somewhat odd that someone thought the same way I did. Keep up the good work!


Haha! Thats almost too true to be funny o_O


Dude, this movie had such great sound quality, its almost making my ears sing! Not only that, I feel that the guy got wronged when the woman kicked him out. I mean, seriously, she wanted to fornitcate, and then accuses him of bringing a condom... now thats hillarious!


My God!!!! You've done it again!
It's so freking great!
And so is the first one.