Reviews for "Bring a Condom on a Date?"

Kickass man!

Awesome, totally radical - i like comedy and jokes that dont rely on retard clowns or dickheads just jerking off and saying " Margee! how do i use this fucking toilet...this is out of subject but homer looks like a white trash wife beater.

damn, life is cruel

haha, wow. it so figures that happens. i bet it really does happen to. sigh...we just cant win. oh, by the way, amazing voice-over work and this was freakin hilarious, even if a little too true.


Good voice acting on a flash! That was amazing! :D
Well done all around!!

A guy thing.

This is one of those , funny to guys thing. It's funny but smart.

Joke throw, joke taken = laugh ^3


Pretty cool though.. :D
but all you guys that were ''caught'' with a condom on the date, i just gotta say .. im dating a girl that said to me that i HAVE TO bring a condom 8D.. now that is cool :D