Reviews for "Bring a Condom on a Date?"


that was funny as hell... but that lady is a psycho bitch. that would suck ass

Well . . . There goes the first date!

That was funny as hell but at the same time, I felt sorry for him cuz I would have wanted some pussy anyway. LoL!

*Cee-Bear 2007*

A lot of the kids here couldn't relate...

...but I'm a bit older, and so, this made me laugh. I have NEVER carried a condom along on a first date, but HAVE had sex on over 70% of my first dates.

If the girl demands a condom, she's REALLY horny for you already, so you can actually suggest that THEY buy it because "it's not gentlemanly to leave a lady hanging". Throw in a dash of "call it anticipation", and you get the sex and STILL don't spend anything on the rubber.

Sometimes chicks will carry the condom with her... which is considered to be "Slutty but Safe".

Out of over 30 chicks I've banged, only about 5 of them demanded condoms. The rest? Well... if you're good enough, and you know they're into you enough, you can convince em to do anything.

Especially the ones still in high school. <3

who's kal ripken??

well this was very interesting...and strange. anyway the art was quite good the consept very adult(lol!!!) the audio was a bit strange and the humor was quite good. obviousley you dont have to do anything to watch it so, 0 interactivity. also not very much hitting stuff with a clup or blood or guns or swords(actually, none at all)so, 0 for violence. i give you an 8 because to truly be a 10 you need to be almost perfect(or have some good opinions of your flashes)and to be a 9 you have be almost perfect except for minor flaws. the only flaws i found was that the audio was weird and you cant really control the video at all(ex:play/stop button). you could have done just a little bit more with this in my opinion though it is quite good for where it is now.


True man...very true

This was really funny, and it DOES portray something true, DO NOT BRING A CONDOM ON DATE ONE!!! If the girl sees it, you're through.
I have unfortunatly been unable to get a date...ever.