Reviews for "Atomic Amnesia MMX"


I got loost in tis :-)


I love the melody.
Might sound a little better if the bass was a bit heavier. But it sounds great just like this!


You play as an old man instead of a young stud. I'm young but would be awesome to play as an old wise men.

Song plays nicely. I would suggest to mess around with space sounds. I might be nice to add into the background.


Nice Job

way to go 3kliksphilip

Wait, wha-

So this one was the more rcent one, when the one that is currently in the top 30 is the unimproved one? How weird that this one isn't replacing the other, considering that it's so much better!

3kliksphilip responds:

I don't know which of the two I prefer. I think the original is catchier, but this one certainly has an improved beginning, middle and end. Ah well, I might be able to get it right 3rd time. Thanks for the comment!