Reviews for "Atomic Amnesia MMX"


I don't know about you but I like evilgene330's intro.
I second it.
And this song is perfect for a space exploration, and/or space shooter game. (Might also work for a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, lol)

Good job.

Intro to your game!

Earth is no more. It is but a distant memory covered in denial and rumour, it is a forgotten world.

For several generations, what remains of mankind has drifted deeper into the vastness of the unknown toward a destination unwritten. We number in our tens of thousands on the colonization ship 'New Hope' and with us we carry all of humanities history. Every invention, every book, spoken word or achievement is catalogued into the colossal database aboard this ship. We are the last of the species known as man.

End Transmission . . . . . . . . . . .

(Your character awakens from Cyro-sleep in an empty hallway. The character steps out of the tube and looks around. Lights flicker in the hallway that seems to go on forever. All the other pods around you are empty and covered with dust. You walk toward one and place your hand on the dust covered glass. Wiping away the dust with your hand a name is written, your eyes widen and you fall backwards in shock at the letters in front of you. Your hand feels a small device on the floor that seems to be a voice recorder of some kind. You hesitantly press the play button. A voice fills the silent hallway)

Last Recording uploaded: 3/9/2702
This will be my last entry as time is short. We have experienced a massive and catastrophic failure in the ships air processing units. Foreign micro organisms have somehow spread among the the crew, and I myself appear to be affected. It is my fear that all 23,000 people on board have become subject to this deadly pathogen. If you are hearing this then you are likely one of the few who may be immune to its genetic make-up. I shall warn you of the symptoms in hope that you will be able to find a cure or at least escape this ship. People infected may appear sluggish and somewhat distant, this however is not their true nature, affected hosts aggression levels exceed a 200% increase and they will attack and kill anyone who appears normal and unaffected. My advice is to attempt an immediate...(Recording Corrupted/ File Not Found)

(Your player looks up at his pod once more and presses his finger against a screen. A list flashes in front of them)

Time: 00:34
Date: April 18th
Year: 2801
Destination: Unknown
Current Location: 300 LY from Sol System
Status Of Pod: Active
Status Of Crew: Unknown
Human life signs on board: 1
Other life signs: 0
Unknown life signs: 13,000

(Your character realises he has been frozen for nearly a hundred years. His thoughts are ended when he hears the sound of metal scraping against the floor. Tuning around they fall on top of the remains of what appears to be a soldier. His body has been torn and ripped at by claws and he has bones missing from his rotted skeletal remains. You quickly search the corpse and find a loaded weapon. Cocking the firearm you point it at where the sound is coming from. You breathing is heavy, your heart pounding and sweat drips from your forehead, fear is coursing though your veins. The noise becomes louder as a shadowed shape emerges from the darkness. A low grunt can be heard as the figure stares at you with white glazed eyes)

Well you can do the rest via flash.

im feelin' it

you got me atomic amnesia man, awesome stuff.

Reminds me of..

The original Command and Conquer BGM and personally I loved those songs (: Congrats you got a like from me!

The beat is not too fast and not too slow yet its not too crazy to be out of place so much.

So I would say you nailed it.


I love the melody.
Might sound a little better if the bass was a bit heavier. But it sounds great just like this!