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Reviews for "Study"

Very nice work

So this was some really nice work you have here the blood looks real and the red marks look realistic I think some more added blood would be a plus on things here and that expression on her face was just perfect so you did present it in a realistic form here so nice job on this really nice work indeed and I look forward to to much more from you these study types are nice and show raw details just like you have done here


DocLew responds:

Thank you :)

Cocain is a hell of a drug !! HAHAH JK jk this is amazing the blood looks really great and nice choice for face expression!

DocLew responds:

Hahaha thanks a lot! :)

I can't help but feel a tremendous amount of grit when I look at this piece. The smears of blood and bruises almost tell a story on their own. Fantastic work.

DocLew responds:

Thanks a lot! :)

Nice color contrast. Also gotta give props to playing it cool on the blood. Some people don't know how to make realistic looking blood and go all out. The subtlety of it makes her an even more badass.
Chromatic aberration is a bit strong too, it's really not needed.

DocLew responds:

Ok, I'll stop to do that :D
Thank you so much!

Holy shit Lew, this is fuckin' aces. As the others are saying, the blood looks fantastic, you even got the smudges to look right. You're getting quite good at texturing skin, and your eye for colour is fantastic as usual, particularly around the...well, the eyes, the tear ducts and capillaries are really clearly depicted without being overwhelming to the iris and whites. My main suggestions would be to clean up the skin between strands of hair on the left shoulder, it looks a bit uneven, and to define the left side of the bridge of her nose juuuuuuuuuuust a tiny bit more. Excellent work!

DocLew responds:

I wanted to do this study to learn how to render better hair (I saw some digital painting by japanese artists and I'm in love) but i don't think I've done it well, maybe next time :)
Also, I'm looking for a more 'rough' style of painting, with visible strokes. I need to exercise more, anyway, kind as usual, thank you :D