Reviews for "Aevarrian Coliseum 2"

Wicked game !

I love it, its a brilliant game !

ahhhhhhhhhg! true demeus is tuf

to beet him chose eric then keep on doing the down forward move it will knok him back ps if u beat him u get a specil charicter true desmus!!! no 1 esle was playing as him and i killed them all fear me puny humans bow befor desmeus!

excuse my french

THIS game is fucking awesome! Make it a multiplayer game and you'll be a fucking millionairre


to defeat desmon use eric windblast
it is very usefull
stay away from him and just fire.


Im not going to blame you for saying this is a lame game, I can't do any better I admit, but on the bright side you tried.

the graphics could use improvements but then again, its decent enough for a game.
the controls are rather simple but you should have included a combo list, im not going to run around randomly trying to find special attacks for each character i'll be using.

the boss ... :|
your kidding right ?
only a player that knows his character as well as his palm can defeat him.