Reviews for "Aevarrian Coliseum 2"

I love how the creator of this game just replies to bad reviews by defending everything and acts like his game is 100% perfect. The game is good, for 2007, but like almost everyone else is saying, it's just spamming. If spamming works, it doesn't matter what else works, because spamming is enough.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for spending time typing this review. I do not think the game is 100% perfect, and I apologize if you feel any of my responses to other reviewers imply to you that way. In future, I will try to be nice to the bad, false and even abusive reviews or ignore them altogether. Even though this old game is not getting much here on Newgrounds, it has managed to obtain millions of plays on other websites on the Internet and I am grateful for that.

It was ok...

The music got annoying really really fast so that needs improving. The story mode...is horrible you can practically use the same move over and over again and thats not fighting. The story telling as well isn't that great like he sees a man with a rapier what is that?

Overall this game needs a lot of improvement

Some girls would never fight.

The Girls are being that funny.



This Game is Retarded

This game is f**king retarded. Arrow Avenger is the most brain damaged character in the universe. He doesnt protect himself at all and does no damage whatsoever. Plus, when i changed the difficulty from normal to easy, the game became harder. WTF??! Like, on normal I beat Gor-Khan without him touching me, but on easy he got me to half health. Your game sucks completely. I liked the first game though, much more fun than this piece of shit.