Reviews for "Aevarrian Coliseum 2"


I like the storyline but the graphics aren't that good and the animation is terrible.

good game but


Was fun for a bit

The gameplay was quite fun but the controls weren't convincing. I stopped playing after the third fight because it just reppetitive and then a bit boring.


Nothing here that will wow people. Everything here is not bad, but not good either. It is bubblegum-enjoy it for a few moments, then forget it.

I love how the creator of this game just replies to bad reviews by defending everything and acts like his game is 100% perfect. The game is good, for 2007, but like almost everyone else is saying, it's just spamming. If spamming works, it doesn't matter what else works, because spamming is enough.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for spending time typing this review. I do not think the game is 100% perfect, and I apologize if you feel any of my responses to other reviewers imply to you that way. In future, I will try to be nice to the bad, false and even abusive reviews or ignore them altogether. Even though this old game is not getting much here on Newgrounds, it has managed to obtain millions of plays on other websites on the Internet and I am grateful for that.