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Reviews for "Umeko Gentle Vampire 2"

Once again your work in flash astounds me.

Very, very well done. I SO wish I had your skills.

Worthy of the Zone-Sama brand.

The animation featured in this is superb, of this there is no doubt. The sheer quality is amazing, and I would expect nothing less of the great Zone-Same. The context menu in the upper left corner is easily readable and easy to navigate, providing a smooth interface for those left hand surfers that frequent this.

The only problem I've got with this demo is that even when you've clicked for the action of something, such as Anal-Slow, it jumps to Oral, and the subsequent biting and "NOT IN DEMO" screen. Perhaps if this were fixed, it would be outright fantastic, but I understand this is only a demo, and as such, even for the, sadly brief amount of time I enjoyed it I realize that all bugs have not been worked out of it and as such it is not top dollar quality in comparison to the full product found on Zone-Archives.

Still, I'd like to thank you for providing all these wonderful movies and games to this site, and I only wish your contract with HentaiKey allowed for more to be posted.

Major glitch!

I've just experienced this stupid glitch where after you press a button and the pleasure goes from -1% to 0%, it goes right to the ending. Please, please, PLEASE fix this glitch!! IT SUCKS!!!!!


its all good til that one scene happens. And to the review before me, he needs their permission is beacause i think he works for them and they copy right their stuff cuz they want people to pay the $30 membership fee lol


I really, REALLY liked it to see... at least ONCE getting one of this goddamned raping tentacles bitten off :D

Yay for vampire teeth!

Btw, as usual, great graphics, exrtremely well animated... man, just try something different once!