Reviews for "Blockhead Tribute"


that set was amazing did you build in your self? anyway yeah i love blockhead and although some parts of this were VERY poorly synched i just could take my eyes off the set brilliant work.

When i first watched block i found lying around somewhere and loved however now as i watch the newer ones something isn't right about somethings missing do you get that feeling too?

Oh well i still loved this very well done

Phill64 responds:

Yes, the set is built entirely of cardboard and paper print outs from blockhead episodes.

I thought my sync was pretty much spot on for the entire thing :( I watched it again and can't see any noticable delays anywhere(unless you count the start music)... anyway i'm glad you still liked it :)

As for something missing.. well, i personally was hoping for a season 2. But it sounds like Swain is into full production of Time Squad instead.



that was pretty neat

good job

very nice.

i do little claymations in my spare time and i know how loooong it takes.
you, my friend, did better than i will probably ever do. nice work. although you could try to redo it without the couch shaking. try to do a clay couch next time. it would look better.

pretty good claymation!

maybe not on the knox level but the fluency of the motions were above average!

Tributary to one of my favorites:

Dear Phill 64:
I think this was great that you were able to capture the Blockhead world in clay. A suggestion and a question, however. First, lower the bit rate when The fat old dude is talking (if you do any more). He's human and his mouth should reflect that. Also, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT MANY HOTELS!?