Reviews for "Blockhead Tribute"


I've been working on a new Time-Squad-related project lately, and I usually don't visit the portal very often when I'm animating. HOWEVER, I 'm glad I did :)

I'm a modest guy, so I'm not gonna praise the cartoon for being a tribute to my little character. Instead, I'll tell you about how awesome I thought those sets were! Seeing Blockhead's living room in 3d was really fun (I noticed you used a later background, after the plant beside the couch has been destroyed). Honestly, I think I'll watch this submission from now on instead of my copy of Episode 1, which I'm already tired of :)

It was also totally accurate to the episode, down to the last grin. I personally thought it was well done. Hope to see this in the Blockhead collection soon!


Phill64 responds:

What luck you have! to be the first to see it!

That sofa was a killer to build lol, i havn't destroyed the set yet because of how cool it looks! i can't bare to tear it down! I used your latest background because it showed the most area of the room + being high enough quality to print. Maybe I should have edited the plant, but i figured it didn't matter too much.

I'm glad you find it accurate! I was playing each part of the episode as i was taking the frames :)

I loved the series (obviously), I'm glad i could put some fun back into that old episode for you :)

It was awesome

This was cool, Not as good as the others though. But it was still very entertaining. Keep making more and pleasing us.

i hate the dude b4 me.

nice 1!the dude b4 me sux.itt wuz perfect.but y wuz the blue dude like scottinsh or somthin?anyway.im shure mike dosent care

Phill64 responds:

haha, he's a character from my own work, he's Australian.


i liked it heaps

Swain have it in fav!

u are prety good but need smoothier moves oh and i got good news for u, Swain have it in fav!!!