Reviews for "Blockhead Tribute"


I loved how it was done in clay it looks like it took a lot of time and effort

"What the hell was that?!"

You know what the hell was that? It was an awesome Blockhead tribute.

Tributary to one of my favorites:

Dear Phill 64:
I think this was great that you were able to capture the Blockhead world in clay. A suggestion and a question, however. First, lower the bit rate when The fat old dude is talking (if you do any more). He's human and his mouth should reflect that. Also, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT MANY HOTELS!?

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Was a surprise to see one of knox's klay people.
Nonetheless 5/5 on score to boost it.
8/10 For review's sake.


it was so funny at the end with the blue thing and how blockheads consicencs sain ''What the hell was that''