Reviews for "Blockhead Tribute"

Thanks Swain!

This is a great way to tribute Blockhead. You've done a great job on this tribute, using the audio from Blockhead 1. I liked this. Why don't you make your own script and then make a proper tribute episode though, as it does smack a little of cutting corners, ripping the audio like that...

Still, not that I'm belittling your good work here. It's quality and I'm sure Michael Swain would like it

Phill64 responds:

Thank you!

As for making my own script, i think that is getting away from tributing and going towards trying to take over :) besides, i'd still have to use voices from existing episodes, so anything i could come up with would not be very original.

The Swain did enjoy this clip :) his review is at the very start if you're interested.



It was so FREAKIN funny I love that at the end "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?"lol keep up the good work and I am going to try to get it into Block Head and Clay


definitely going on my faves

i love blockhead and clay. thats 2 in 1

great job, a wonderful tribute

A solid tribute.

Okay, two important notes: one: I'm biased for anything claymation; I adore claymation, I love claymation, I believe, quite strongly, that Gumby would have made an interesting President. So, you get points for that automatically. Note number two: I have seen any of this Blockhead stuff that you are honoring here. Yeah, it's probably something incredibly amazing and I'm a doofus for overlooking it, but I've never even heard of it. Still, I loved the movie and thought it was genius. I'm going to look into some of the other work you've done for Newgrounds and see what that's like. Cheers and keep up the good work!

Phill64 responds:

Hey a clay fan! Good to see since there are so many of the opposite :)

You should watch the blockhead series it's hilarious :) It's got it's own page in the series section check it out.

My other work you'll find is a lot different to this piece, that was sort of the point.

Cheers mate!