Reviews for "Blockhead Tribute"

this ish great

i love it
its very differentfrom anything on here
i love blockhead
and think u should give the other 1's a try :)
keep up the gd work ^_^

i hate the dude b4 me.

nice 1!the dude b4 me sux.itt wuz perfect.but y wuz the blue dude like scottinsh or somthin?anyway.im shure mike dosent care

Phill64 responds:

haha, he's a character from my own work, he's Australian.

It was awesome

This was cool, Not as good as the others though. But it was still very entertaining. Keep making more and pleasing us.


Nice job i like the style although not as good as the original i like the monoploy juinor peices it was creative


good thoughts same script line as block head if the swain hasn't watched this yet he prob. would like it give some points that were wrong and stuff but overall it was good