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Reviews for "Blockhead Tribute"


it was awesome

Really Good!!!

Reminds me a lot of Mr. Bill, from the ooooolllldddd Saturday Night Live. From like, the '70s. This was a really awesome take on the whole Blockhead phenomenon. Great work!!!

Make it work, please!!

That was good

I really enjoyed it lol.

Hey, don't think Blockhead's gone

And I think Activision or Neversoft or somebody should pick up the trail of Blockhead flash on the internet and make a video game for the current gen consoles. You know, like just stick him in some level with the sandbox method and control him to talk to people and smash things and stuff. In short, the game would be like Grand Theft Auto, only that engine would be kinda used. And Blockhead can attack with or without objects and stuff while throwing out some funny one liners while, as usual, the Conscience gets upset. Yeah, that would be cool. Anyway, I really think Blockhead's here to stay.


i liked it alot, and I really like blockhead. great animation!