Reviews for "Clematis | SessileNomad//Quarl"

Its been a while

I like this piece dude. Wrong genre though dude. Goes into drum and bass. Anyway, i like the kick you used, but the piano was drowned out by it. Also, the background piano didnt sound like it synced with the lead. The effects you used were odd and epic at the same time. I really liek this piece!

Angels Gone Rogue
-DJ Chaos

SessileNomad responds:

this isnt drum and bass plus i try not to get cought up in genres, no real point

Congrats on top 5!

I'm listening to this on kinda crappy headphones, so excuse me if I get anything wrong.

I can really hear your respective styles on this one, and it really comes out at the 1:51, when the drums and the piano start going crazy. Good job on this, it's pretty awesome.

Seriously, I don't have a single complaint. The song is pretty much flawless in my point of view, but I suppose I should do a proper review:

All scores out of 10.
Melody- 9
Very soothing, goes perfectly with the name, and generally sounds great. Just gotta watch out for that crazy section though, the melody, although not bad, didn't seem to have a central purpose besides being erratic along with the drums. I have that problem in many of my songs though, so hypocrite I am hahaha.
Harmony- 10
Same as above, very soothing and relaxing. The chords in this piece are beautiful.
Rhythm- 10
Like the slightly erratic touch to the rhythm, perfect for this song.
Drums- 10
Like how they start out soft but still carrying the flow, almost portending what will follow later in the song. Later on, that aforementioned crazy section with Quarl's stamp all over it. Yes.
Instruments- 10
Since it was mainly just piano and drums, I guess I should talk about the drums more. I couldn't pick out a bad sample in this whole thing though.
Intro- 10
Very smooth, flawless.
End- 10
Same as above.

I hope I didn't forget any categories, this is the first review I've written in months.

Once again, congrats on top 5, it's well deserved. This is a great song.

SessileNomad responds:

sweet review man

you can thank quarl for the intro melodies, i am only responsible for the solo

actually the crazy drum section has my stamp on it for the most part lol

its good to see you back man, i saw you around in the forums

thanks for the review!

10 all the way

This is one awesome track. From beginning to end. Keep it up. :D

SessileNomad responds:

ill try, im sure quarl will as well


A really great song for anything. Great job, dude! =)

SessileNomad responds:


It deserves a 10

Sick...this does not own, it annihilates.

SessileNomad responds:


thanks for the review