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Reviews for ""Tell The Truth""

Well done

I can't say I agree totally with the political message, but as a flash this is amazingly well done, well stylized, and a great contribution to newgrounds.

Laiderdaiv responds:

The lyrics in the verses are accurate facts.


All right, I'm gonna level with ya. Rap ain't my thing. I don't like it. And these political messages calling Bush out on what he really is are getting qutie old.

That said, and keeping those in mind, this was pretty damn good.
I like how it was done.

Laiderdaiv responds:

You're right. Enough political messages. It's time for political action.
In order to be free we have to be policy makers?

Good initiative, bad judgement

I like the style of the words flying at you, the music was good but the whole idea of the movie kinda pushes a judgmental opinion out there. I like your work, but try to come back from the right wing to the middle of the plane so its smooth sailing.

Laiderdaiv responds:

I understand and I appreciate your input.


I thought the use of text was interesting, the changing perspective was a decent concept, but it didn't really make up for the fact that it was irritating, preachy, and the little real cartooning that was done in it was unimpressive.

Laiderdaiv responds:

I don't believe it was intended to "make up" for the song. More so, an interesting use of subtitles to better hear its message. I understand everyone'sn't always in the mood for this type of lyrical content. I believe it to be important in tingling your spidey senses to get educated on what's really going on in the United States administration outside the television and newspaper reporting.

"BAH BAH," BLACK SHEEP. "Have you any wool?"
"YES SIR!!" "YES SIR, three bags full!"

Good message and well done.

I hope this makes the front page because it is a truthfull and well expressed point..well several points.

Oh..and well animated too.

Laiderdaiv responds:

This would never make the front page. It's informative in an unfunny way.