Reviews for "TFB: The Secret Castle"


I didn't make me laugh :S apart from Batman but meh.
I thought the voice acting though was very well done.
I don't like the fact that he floats along the ground either.
Other than that its was ok.

The best TFB epiosode

That was one of the best TFB animations so far. The humor is very good and the animation is pretty smooth. It's still out of sync, but I will still work on getting the sound fixed after I finish the rest of the .swf files for the TFB episodes

Chrispy responds:

Thanks man :) and thanks for helping me out with it.

Heh, that was pretty funny!

Great voice acting! This was pretty funny, I didn't expect it to be. :)

Chrispy responds:

Thanks a lot :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I love this!