Reviews for "Counting down the hours"


I was looking for music to put a spaceship traveling through endless star-fields, and I think this is it. Do you mind if I use this for a school project? (It'll probably go on youtube as well)


dude once again you have amazed me your songs remind me of a song called Oracion which means prayer and it made me cry no matter how many times i hear it.


This song is really touching... Really made me speechless.
Simply astonishing! It's amazing how feelings can be said so well without words, simply through the music.
Congratulations, job done, and done really well!

I could swear...

this is from final fantasy 3 for the nes or final fantasy 6 for the gba. I Dont want to be a jerk but, its simply too similar for me to ignore.

"symphony of mystery, and revelation"

thats all i managed to squeeze out of my mind after having it overrun by this song.