Reviews for "-YRX-MindChambersMadness"

fly... WHAT???

this music make me fly... but the other part make me DANCE!!!

YouriX responds:

Hahaha your danceflying XD


I like the music very fitting too this deserve a 10 out 5 and 20 out of 10 but there's should be a reward for the medal or SOMETHING THATS GOOD LOL !! XD

YouriX responds:

lol no need. Hahaha! I dont make music for pixel trophies :P
Thanks anyways buddy ;)

at work

I'm at work animating, and listening to this, I didn't realize an 30 mints passed by and I'm still listing to it in the background lol

keep it up

YouriX responds:

Awesome dude! Thank you for telling me this means alot ;)


realy rocks the house on high volume >:D. keep making such songs

YouriX responds:

I'll do my best buddy :D

Dude this song is beast !!! :D

YouriX responds:

Hahah thanks :D