Reviews for "-YRX-MindChambersMadness"

Who couldn't like this?!

Who's tha mothaf*cka who couldn't possibly like this?! Why isn't it 5.00/5.00?!
THIS MAN DESERVES A 5.00/5.00!!!

YouriX responds:

I know but you also have those who have envy in there hearts :P
Thanks for the review and the love :)


This track blows ma mind bro...siiick job on this...max rating and downloaded u deserve it bro nice one =D

YouriX responds:

Thanks just doing what i can ;)

HELL YA!!!!!

WOW I LOVED IT. Hope you make more.

YouriX responds:

Dont worry my friend i will! ;)

Smashin awesome

Starts out relaxing, seemingly boring, then BANG!!!! Smacks you in the face. This is my favorite type of song, meaing starting slow and relaxing then breaking out into a techno, rock, or other fast beat.

YouriX responds:

Yeah thats the kind of songs i like to! hence i made it like this :D

I love this music

YouriX responds:

I love your comment <3