Reviews for "-YRX-MindChambersMadness"


Greatest music I heard in quite some time, keep it up with other great projects!

YouriX responds:

Thank you that is really something nice to read :)

Rare and good.

Sometimes, ears can say "Damn I like this shit", of course that only happens in dreams.
In that case I had this song in a dream.
I really do love your way of art. Hope you can continue to keep the sweet level of awesomeness up!


(P.S I first looped about 50 times, then figured out I could download it! C:<)

YouriX responds:

You have no idea how happy you made me :P
And yes i will always try to keep my awesome level over 9000 ;)

(P.S lol on the looped part XD)


very very very good song i like it very much

YouriX responds:

Thank YOU for liking it ;)


I love that holy sound at 1-20 and then it drops like a BO55

YouriX responds:

HAHA! Awesome review :)

Great.Intro ain't very good but the song gets better and better!

YouriX responds:

I understand. The intro had to be more spectecular!!!