Reviews for "-YRX-MindChambersMadness"


You deserve a metal!

YouriX responds:

A metal? Awesome! :D


I love the beat and how it builds up in the beginning. All sounds fits together and dont turn over each other. I just love dubstep. Awesome work!

YouriX responds:

Well technicly this is DrumStep. A subgerne of Dubstep. Its a more faster and meaner version :)

I bet the people who voted zero on this...

are both embarrassed and ashamed, because look at what happened, it got put in Mind Chamber's Madness Game. It goes great with the upgrade screen.

That said, this is an amazing song; dig the beat.


YouriX responds:

Naah i dont think Zero-voters have a conscience. Still there probly maybe a tad ashamed ;)
Thanks for the review and support :D

good stuff

music to my ears

YouriX responds:

Eargasmic indeed ;)


YouriX responds: