Reviews for "-YRX-MindChambersMadness"

It was good

In the beginning, it was really relaxed. i liked it. but once it hit 14 seconds into the music and the instruments or whatever started playing minors, it didn't feel right.

for me, the introductions of the minors and (especially) the combination of the 'rap-like' theme (you can really hear it at 01:09) kinda killed the relaxation. It ruined the mood.

If you had kept the mood consistent from beginning to end (that relaxing feeling at the beginning) i would have given you a full score. But i suppose you were focusing on the fusion of the 'relaxing' and 'rap-like' bits.

But this is just me. plus, i still gave you the 8/10 stars for doing well in creating this music.

Well, anyway, good job.

YouriX responds:

Yeah the relax intro was done on purpose. You see this song was ment for a animation. Where Heaven falls into chaos.
Also Rap like? LOL! Its DrumStep. Still thanks for the review ;)

This coulda been great:o

Turn down the synth/choir(?) you used in the beginning because it completely overpowered the song. I mean, it fits well, but it's so loud and distracted me from listening to the full track. Also, turn the bass up. I mean like..UP UP. The drums are beast, Bass could be worked on, but everything else was nice and flowed together smoothly. I really enjoyed it. :3
I just wish there was a drop but then again... haha.


YouriX responds:

Well even if i wanted to i cantr this song is over 9000 listens. So i cant edit it. And good thing too!! I wouldnt want to changed it. However i would have liked to lower the volume of the intro. But thats pretty much it. :P


Love the first 20 seconds

YouriX responds:

Haha thanks XD


..What's A concious? :P

Im just kidding i gave it 5, it sounds great,

YouriX responds:

You bastards..... D: