Reviews for "-YRX-MindChambersMadness"


You deserve a metal!

YouriX responds:

A metal? Awesome! :D


I love the beat and how it builds up in the beginning. All sounds fits together and dont turn over each other. I just love dubstep. Awesome work!

YouriX responds:

Well technicly this is DrumStep. A subgerne of Dubstep. Its a more faster and meaner version :)

good stuff

music to my ears

YouriX responds:

Eargasmic indeed ;)

this is what i live for

this is

awsome thank you for making this:)

its really good & my favorite type of music is dubstep

YouriX responds:

It was a honour. Music in this case DubStep/DrumStep/Drum and Bass is one of my passions :)

it's ok

YouriX responds:

K thanx ;)