Reviews for "-YRX-MindChambersMadness"


I really like this song. The beat is so catchy and drummy because it's dubstep, man or should I say drumstep? Anyway it rocks! And this review I'm typing, it sucks.

YouriX responds:

LOL dont be hard on yourself i liked your review ;)

I don't get how

this could be pause menu music. This seems more like for a REALLY intense fight scene. something like stick battle or i dunno. Its just epic, thats all im saying.

YouriX responds:

LOL well this song can be used in many ways. Ironicly this song was ment for a fight scene animation. So no surprise there. Still a pause menu is not a bad option either :)
Thanks for taking your time review :)

HELL YA!!!!!

WOW I LOVED IT. Hope you make more.

YouriX responds:

Dont worry my friend i will! ;)


always wondered where i colud get that music from madness hydraulic! 10/10 and 5/5!

YouriX responds:

And now you have it! ;)

this is what i live for

this is

awsome thank you for making this:)

its really good & my favorite type of music is dubstep

YouriX responds:

It was a honour. Music in this case DubStep/DrumStep/Drum and Bass is one of my passions :)