Reviews for "-YRX-MindChambersMadness"

Music to my earholes

Great job at keeping it fresh the entire time.

YouriX responds:

Being fresh is what i live for baby ;)

good stuff

music to my ears

YouriX responds:

Eargasmic indeed ;)

Cool YA!

Keep up,the,good,work.

YouriX responds:

YES sir!!

at work

I'm at work animating, and listening to this, I didn't realize an 30 mints passed by and I'm still listing to it in the background lol

keep it up

YouriX responds:

Awesome dude! Thank you for telling me this means alot ;)


I just think it could use a little more of that wobble bass.

YouriX responds:

Yeah but the song gets even more desorted. If i do that. Still thanks for the review ;)