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Reviews for "Hello Hellhole"

plenty of chuckles and smiles, even the 2nd time t

Why did their TV screen suddenly explode?

The graphics were generally kinda rough, apart from some of the bgs and the lift, which were rather nice, with perfect 3D effects for the hell-lift. Was that done in another program?

The music choices throughout were great.

I loved the squishing room and line-rider homage. Also, just the idea that hell would allow tourists.

The end didn't really do it for me though - I guess I was hoping for a bigger revelation or change of circumstances by the end.

I enjoyed the ride though and there were plenty of chuckles and smiles, even the 2nd time through.


good for a giggle but not much more than that. definately not a ROFL....sound quality of the voices took alot away from it

not bad

Very bonus stage like

Almost exactly but still a very good submission

Wait, Edd is-is DEAD?! WHAT THE CRAP?! Man, this is awful! His animation was the funniest I've seen! Wait, before I freak out, is the creator or the character dead?