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Reviews for "Hello Hellhole"

Fantastic !

I watched every movie on the frontpage, this is the only one that's actually made me smile and amused me. Very well made, and humorous.

funnier then hell

this was FUNNY this was so funny. This is now one of my personal favorites. this was in my opinion funnier then.....hell

Goddamn! XD

This kicks ass. And not just any ass, it flies up into the heavens and kicks god's ass... then spits in his eye and calls 'im a sissy. . ... My new favorite of all your works.

"We have a right to the brains - I mean, refuse any customer." :D

The YouTuber will find you here too. xD

Again, my fav. parts are the personal hells, I GOT THE SUNSHINE, LOLLYPOPS AND RAINBOWS SONG IN MY HEAD O.O. Also, my other fav. is the last part. See you in six months. Wait wha- *slams door* xD

Keep the humor and flasges up o.o I watch this flash every day o.o


Lol. The humor here overgoes everything i've senn before... Wooh, Horray, Broccoli! lol... Music rocks... Laughed hard at the linerider and when i heard Dragonforce..
But... what's the song when the elevator is spinning and falling or whatever...
Real awesome.