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Reviews for "Hello Hellhole"

I knew it!

The music you used for hell was inferno town from heroes of might and magic 3! One of my fave games on PC. Now about the movie, it's was rather funny, but the golden tip of it was when they were looking at there own personnal hell, now THAT ws a great laugh!

hell yeh

Ha I enjoyed all the songs you used. Like the music from Monkey Island 3 and I just love the Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe theme (like the whole show). I remember i saw the falling lift on b3ta. Was that one made with swift 3d? My favourite part would be the personal hells because it was just hilarious “What I am not racist”. I also enjoyed little details like Satan was reading the Necronomicon.
Just keep up the good work.

eddsworld responds:

the falling lift was not made on swift, it was made in flash.

Great work Edd. ;)

Superbly well done animation Edd. I really don't have to say this, but do more and more. ;D

Pretty Good.

It was pretty funny. I like the style of comedy. It looked great. Only downer was the sound quality, but it was no big thing. Keep up the good work.

Very very nice!

Very liked it!
Nothing to improve, just make more :)