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Reviews for "Hello Hellhole"


Haha, you're movie was very funny. I like the part when we see their own personnal hell. Thank you for this movie. I jpê we'll find out what happen when they come back in six months ;)

good one

that was a very nice and funny animation... and a great addition to the Eddsworkd series.... though i must say, i sure wasn't expecting this one. a grea way to keep things original. the whole plot behind this one was great.... i can sure see why this one won an award.

nice job.


These animations are made of epic and win. Now gtfo my review and start making more.


>> Kritz

I like it.

I like the backgrounds and the use of tweening and fbf.
Also very funny.


that was great :D i love youre animations, the personnal hells was great, and for the record...i <3 zombies ate my neighbours.