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Reviews for "Hello Hellhole"

Really nice!!

That was so funny and i recognized a Rhapsody song and the music in hell in Heroes of Might and Magic 3. =D Continue your good work.

That's originality

that was very nice!!! good animation a bit choppy on the "panoramic" views :S.... original plot ;)
drawings could improve some, same with the saound since it's all music from other ppl.

it's a well done job, I'm sure you have the skill to do better, you dind't made it to dayli 5th for nothin'

Very bonus stage like

Almost exactly but still a very good submission

what a view...

i mostly crack down flash but this is brocoli... i mean good yes yes i killed my father because he didn't let me watch this movie so i guess he'll be seen in 6 months. pizza butt!!

i am not obsessed! not at all!!


Haha, you're movie was very funny. I like the part when we see their own personnal hell. Thank you for this movie. I jpê we'll find out what happen when they come back in six months ;)