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Reviews for "Dual Thrust"

very good

il kep it brief , THIS GAME ROCKS

Hard Puzzle But Enjoyable...

Wow, there is no down thrust. This is really challenging and the graphics and the music suit each other! Keep up the good work!

Nice work!

Y'know the level with all the dot-like things in the way? Jesus that's a frigging difficult level... I prolly suck at the game, but I'd have liked to've seen more finishable levels before that "dots" level.

Umm, and when you die, die, die, the "Press Spacebar to resart" is spelled, well, like that. Little typo.
Speaking of which... since it's spacebar to restart... don't you think it'd be nice to have it as spacebar to continue (to start next level), rather than clicking to continue? Just a thought. Continuity or something.

Having said all that, great game. Luv it to bits.

JackLee responds:

I'm glad you made it to the dots level! You are right though, that dots level is pretty intimidating.

Thanks for mentioning the typo.

don't read the summary read the review DAMN IT!

this was 1 of the best games i ever played. but at lvl3 theres a bug that when i reach the goal i die i passed that lvl just once. but all my 5 belong to this.

Neat game, but boy is it hard!

Okay, you said not to complain about the level of challenge in your game because it is supposed to be this hard. So can I complain about the controls? First off though, the highlights: I loved the retro graphics and sound, even the music, which surprised me. It was like playing an old arcade game. Great job there. But this game is made hard not by the tough levels but by the bizarre control scheme. Who ever thought that to fly up you had to press both the right and left arrow keys was a good idea? This makes the game nearly impossible to control, at least for me, because I am more used to Lunar Lander and the like, where you actually have a button to press that makes you fly upwards. Still, irritating control aside, I liked this game enough to give it my approval.