Reviews for "Love Dating Sim 2"


A dating sim w/out hentai(WOW!) my personal opinion is that if a guy needs to look at cartoons w/ sex the he needs to get a life! this game rules pure and simple
ps merepeat=repeat after me 2nd=cornerstone and 3rd=down
pss finish garricks please cause im a guy
psss u rule!!!!

Love it

Just as much as the others you've made,but I like this one and the pop star one the most.

wer can i buy the fucking makeup and presents

ugh! wer can i find the fuckin makeup and presents for phantom! i searches everywhere lol! pls tell me! i love this game, i couldn't complete it rather especiall the moonlight dating sim. geez i love that game. i'll give this a 10 star rating!


This one was great! there is just one thing..... what was the point of school? I passed the final but, i don't get it cool game

hahaha ari is so freaking cute

i love this game omg that guy in the forest me freakin ow