Reviews for "Love Dating Sim 2"

Very good

Its good balanced, wish it was a bit longer though. I like how you can't just get them up a certain amount and then sleep the rest (i tried that once), very nice indeed.

Hope to see the new one soon!

Happy cakes for all!

I am so fond of these games, and so have I been since they started. Oh yes. -mumbles incoherently- And this is why I would dearly like to be able to play it thoroughly; that includes dating the mysterious and oh-so schmexy forest dweller. I cannot find this walkthrough you speak of, though I have searched. Perhaps you can provide me with a link.

Bomee responds:

http://www.nummyz.com/my%20cu p%20cheat%20code.doc

there it is :)


I really love this one, even more than the first! <3
But I don't know how to talk to Phantom, after I went to the forest, he was gone???
Where did he go?? =(
But thumbs up, and can't wait till your next one!!


I love your flashes and i've been waitin for this one to come out for soooooo long...i'm glad it's out and i hope you make more of these...i'm voting a 5

i know the answer t the final project!!!

the answer to the final project is love why didnt i think of that before i mean its so obviousbut i never thought of it