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Reviews for "Wings ~P~"


love it sound like your in a sky battle with that song your song gave me alot of draw idea (i dont like to show them so dont ask me);)


the fluth theme is absolutely amazing

This song Is BEAST.

I don't know what it is with me and video game songs, but there is something that I just don't know.

Anyways, I've been looking for a video game song I could review, And I just couldn't help myself to review this one. It is really awesome. What else I can say?

The only thing I would want better is the loop. It sounds good, but It just kinda leaves you hanging. I would think of making it so it appears to make no loop at all, which means the lower the instruments down to only the ones at the beggining, and have the tune be the same, so when the song ends, it seems as if it never ended!

Well, That's the only thing I would inprove, but overall, It's a great song!

Keep up the good work. :)

iin tallai du i maru tilta

these to me has the feel of the first war, the hero's war, that my great-grandpa chaenne fortosis told my grandpa of, who told it the story to me, my dad not agreeing with or following the do'mosian ways. my dad took me off the reservation at 16 after my dashae because i was told too many tales like this, but i have now a laptop and can tell you all this: The time of the heros can be relived if we all listen to our oldest stories, the tales of our grandparents and of their grandparents. this song reminds me of that story, the last one i was told before i left to here, near palm springs now.


say i am trying to make music and ive made 1 loop (not too good) and i need some advice how do you do it all :3