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Reviews for "Wings ~P~"

I love it so much im afraid of it

its so epic i mean its omgomgomgogmgomgomgogmogmgogmgomgogom mogmomogmogmoomomgmogomogogmogmoomooo ogmgogmogmogmogmgogogogogmgomgogmogmg omgogmogmogmgogmogmgogmogAWSOMESAUCEO NEPICPIZZAMAN INSANITY AND MADNESS + CAKE...i have no idea what i just said....HAPPY APRIL 30TH 2011 TODAY!!!

I Dont usually say something unless it's good.....

The way the flute and bass was very well done making the original song 2cd best I will look forward to more of your work. Stray

2nd best

To me, this song is 2nd best next to Heroes March. IT'S STILL AWESOME!

The Best

the best song i've ever heard

it's better than the FF songs !!!!

May I please use this?

It's an amazing song, and the exact thing I've been searching for use in some youtube videos! I promise to credit you and let me tell you, there's no reson I shouldn't the song is so amazing the creator needs all the credit in the world!