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Reviews for "Wings ~P~"


I'm not a pro, (and my english is not really good) but seriously: I love a lot of your songs, i'm a big fan and this is one of my favorite.

Read below

Insanely catchy
A mixture of instruments that have been blended together brilliantly.
It gives a sense of calm to a certain extent. (You'll most likely need to ignore that because knowing me I'm completely wrong in that area. XD)

I find the changeover between the main instruments a tad abrupt, most noticeably before and after the flute parts, however I believe this is just me being picky. :P

Right, thats the review done.
*Downloads song*


Finally- a song that I hum and nobody yells at me.

Great work.

undescribable.....except for one word : epic.keep up the good work


say i am trying to make music and ive made 1 loop (not too good) and i need some advice how do you do it all :3