Reviews for "A Kingly Melody"

Randomness at its best...

Nice flash. Great graphics for a clock movie, the music made me laugh, and the animation was pretty darn fluent. Nice job all round :).

MetalDart responds:

Wow, I feel honored that you reviewed my flash. You've got some great flashes and it's an honor to have you reviewing mine with such a great score.


Damn good

The graphics were damn good. The animation wasn't all that bad. The timing of the events were pretty damn good. The music was very uplifting and "happy". No violence but because its a "happy" film, you don't need any. You can add some humor though, I don't know put SBC tripping at some point. Get a chuckle out of the audience. it was a great movie altogether.

Review Request Club

MetalDart responds:

Ugh, you've reviewed all my flashes, it's like I have an e-stalker. D:

Also, I love how you critique my flashes on that stuff when all you make is tutorials. Not an insult, I'm just saying try giving us animators a break every once in a while. I know you gave this a positive review, but if I only responded to one of your reviews, I think you'd have a greater chance for reading it.

Thanks for the positive review man, it means a lot.



I enjoyed this flash alot! you have talent! dont let it go to waste! otherwords, make more and Ill watch! Keep up the great work! 5/5

MetalDart responds:

Awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed this Flash so much!!!

I'll be sure to make more, and thanks for the 5's!

Great progress.

Watching you grow as an artist has been an awesome experience. And since I saw this flash before anyone else in this site (because I`m just that great) you already know how much I like it.

Keep getting better =3

MetalDart responds:

Haha, thanks man. You've seen me start Flash from when I was just a wee little n00b. Why, we were even talking about it earlier today! :D

Thanks for the review man. It means a lot. <3


This is your best Flash to date, it has superb graphics and a catchy little tune that makes me want to punch a cat. I thought the animation was also well done, and the parts where Terd chased Organje out of teh cassle was aslo pretie funy. I have nothing else to comment on, other than that the Flash was decent, and a good timewaster for those who wish to view things involving Cloques.