Reviews for "ORB bouncer"

Very addictive

The game is very addictive and the sweet music put me in a trance and I couldn't stop playing.

good one

that was a very interesting, unique and challenging game. at first, i had a difficult time with it, but once i figured out what to do, then it became a lot more enjoyable and addicting. i really like this one... great work on it.


It's, hmmm, good, but weird. I don't know is it good or bad, 'couse it's both, but it's deffinitly something new. :S

not bad :)

this is not bad. a few bits need workin on the music was a bit annoyin afer a while but was good.

Quite irritating

I don't really like this game because the little orb just goes straight through the large orb and that just makes the game annoying and hard.