Reviews for "ORB bouncer"

It's okay, the "pass through the big orb" glitch is tolerable, but randomly I was shown the "final score" screen when I didn't loose the ball. And there wasn't even a number shown as my score. Also, when typing your name the letter "K" doesn't work.

Quite irritating

I don't really like this game because the little orb just goes straight through the large orb and that just makes the game annoying and hard.

Good, but glitchy

This game would be an easy 4 or 5, except for the fact that the small orb has an unfortunate tendency to simply pass through the big orb every now and then when I'm trying to intercept it during a fall. Needless to say, this ruins the gameplay, much as you'd expect a broken flipper to ruin a game of pinball. Fix that, then you'll get a better review. :-)


the graphics are good and the physics are excellent but i find it boring if it hade things you shouldnt hit that would make it more challenging and the background is annoying

Good but kinda weird

This is a fun game, but I dont exactly get the purpose... The graphics were good, the song and sound was good, and so was interactivity... you should make it like at the end of a level there is a boss... O well you still did good