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Reviews for "Webcam Confessions"

it made me laugh

it was funny.that dude needs some counsuling.

Guys got issues

I like the graphics and that guy is hillarious, and what makes it funnier is I know a guy that looks and acts like that.

it was good but...

your flash was good the animation smooth and it all went together nicely.

but I do have to stick up for the little guy and say that this did not come from youtube or if it did I could not find it. It really came from a website called songstowearpantsto.

I just had to say that to give the right guy the credit

and again it was not that bad of a flash for 2 days

squeakytoad responds:

Not only do I have permission from Andrew and the support of his fans, but I also gave him full credit at the end.


I was torn on whether to give this a 9 or a 10 because I didn't really understand the end... Maybe I need to watch it a couple more times but I just didn't quite understand. In the end I gave it a 10 because you don't see artwork this good (especially the blurriness of the woman who pops out of the door)

I really liked it I just didn't quite get it, although I never use webcams so /shrug.

Great job, man.

It's funny becuase it's true.

Great work on the animation.