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Reviews for "Webcam Confessions"


wtf i don't understand...but it is funny


ok dude stick to things like your dare music vedieo..

squeakytoad responds:

Hmm... everyone else liked it.


that shit was funny....
graphics 9: weren't the best ever ... but were pretty damn close
style 10: just fuxin awesome
sound 9: like who can be perfect... right?
violence 0: because he didn't get killed
interactivity 0: cuz i couldn't click a button and kill the guy
humor 9: because it was absolutely hilarious.... but being kicked in the balls is funnier

overall 9: it would have been 9.9 but that option wans't available and rounding up just would have been too generous .... butchu gotta 5 from me... just awesome... i'm gonna check out other shit u did ... probably won't review it all cuz i'm a lazy bastard and i just reviewed this... i try to limit myself to 1 review a week .... so i guess that means ur lucky.... hats off to you.... kudos.... have my babies


And here I was thinking I had problems...it sounds like that dude does need some counsoling. "I am something"....ok yeah he just confused me...but I guess in a good sense. Yet whats funny is people actually do something like that EVERYDAY. Its like...oooooook, yeah. Anyways pretty good movie...1 of a kind, I am not gonna lie.

I am...something...

Loved it, that dude really does need counseling...that dude is just like all the rest of us internet freaks all over the planet.