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Reviews for "Webcam Confessions"


yeah you guys should make more of these

I am...something...or maybe Im not

Freaking awsome man, another masterpeice! BTW: I have things too, but not some, mabie all, but propably not Yes? Defina NO! tly Not Gaghhhhh! Love this keep it up!

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
I thought it was a well-done spoof/parody of what weird people put onto YouTube all the time. It's like they think it's their personal place to prophesize or talk about themselves. Anyway, the graphics were quite good. I liked the "setting up" effects and the blurry background was neat too. A good job voice acting too. The character was believable.

^^Needs Improving^^
Seemed a bit short to me. Could have definitely been multiple scenes or maybe his wife would have watched it. I'm sure something funny could have come out of that.


I like the stylised head shape.

The bluyrry bg worked well.

Parts of the graphics, like the shirt and hair seemed like they could have been cleaned up a bit.

I liked the lip-synch work.

The dialogue was a bit odd - certainly memorable even if it didn't make me chuckle.

Short but with a twist of comedy

This seemed to me as a flash short that really had no place to go but just pondered around the same joke for the length of the flash that im sure will lose alot of effect to people who aren't familiar with this sort of stuff on youtube, however for those who have this will come across as a funny parody. I thought the joke was good and i like how you re-stated the characters thoughts a couple of times, however the joke at the end didn't seem to make much sense in fitting into the rest of the piece so i just took it as a random joke and i thought that the bit of physical humor did add to this. The graphics were great, loved the character design the eyes especially, but i didn't like the animation for the arm it just seemed like a scribbley line when it moved. Highlight for this comes from the voices provided for the two characters i thought that they came across incredibly clear and with a flash that relies so heavily on the voice acting i thought that this stood up really well. Overall the newgrounds audience should appreciate the the graphics but more importantly pay attention to the class act which was the voice acting.

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